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Argentina 064Frank LeMieux

After forty plus successful years in the travel business Frank retired as President/owner of Parking Company of America. Parking Company of America at the time of Frank’s retirement was the country’s largest off-airport parking company with 32 locations in 20 states.

With the various endeavors Frank was involved in he was constantly traveling and entertaining clients, colleagues, and potential business associates. Franks passion for wines started very early on both in his business and personal relationships. He started collecting wines and developed his own wine cellar at the age of 30, thus his current collection is over 1,600 hundred bottles.

Frank and his wife Martha have traveled to France twice, Italy once, Spain once, and California numbers of time for the express purpose to educate themselves about wine production and the terroir it comes from. The first wine that Frank enjoyed as a young man in his early 20’s was Chauteauneuf Du Pape and he still includes this in his cellar today. Today Frank has wines from Spain, South America, Italy, Australia, USA, So. Africa, and of course France.

In 2008 after retiring from Parking Company of America Frank enjoyed playing golf for a few years. Boredom set in and he realized he missed the excitement of work including the closing of new deals. He started looking for a business interest different from what he did for so many years. He came upon ads about wine opportunities and he followed through on some of them. Franks thought process is” I know wine I like wines why not make a business out of something you care about”. After he decided to get into the wholesaling of wines he ran into some issues with supply.

Frank was already buying wine from an importer for organic Spanish wines Paul Clear of Terroir Wine Group. Paul became a confidant, adviser, and friend. To make a long story short Paul and Frank joined forces and traded shares of each company and a partnership of wine was formed.

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